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Department Projects

  • Delineation, prioritization and preparation of a detailed project report for the development of micro watersheds of four
    different block panchayaths of Malappuram District.
  • Selection and design of groundwater recharge measures suitable for augmenting well yield of Jalanidhi community water supply schemes
    An initiation to construct a sub surface dike across river Bharathapuzha to improve the groundwater potential.
  • Project report based on a pilot study to improve surface and groundwater potential and for water saving irrigation methods.
  • Drip and fertigation studies on vegetables
  • Experiments on protected cultivation
  • Experiments on influence of tillage practices on soil physical properties

Farm machinery research is taken up for development of machinery for special Kerala situations of Kuttanad, Pokkali and Kaippad, Testing and improvement of existing machinery and development of machinery for different farm operations. Development of technology for processing of crops, development of machinery for special operations such as seed extraction, peeling of ginger, nutmeg decorticator, banana chipping, value addition to crops through processing and product diversification are the major researches under post harvest technology and agricultural processing.


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Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Kerala Agricultural University
Tavanur P.O
Malappuram District Kerala 679573