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Students’ counselling and placement

             Student Placement Cellis existing in all the college. One faculty member is nominated as Officer i/c of the College Placement Cell. Several private organizations and industries are approaching the college for conducting campus recruitment. An Employment, Information and Guidance Bureau is functioning under the DSW of the University. The Bureau regularly publishes employment bulletins giving details about job opportunities in India and abroad.


             Majority of the alumni are employed in the State Departments of Agriculture, Ground water Dept., Soil conservation Dept., Soil Survey Departments and the KAU. Now most of the top positions in these departments are occupied by Alumni of the College. Alumni of the College are also occupying prestigious positions in various SAUs, ICAR, National Institutes, Land Boards, Banks, plantation sectors, agribusiness houses and industries. Recently many of the graduates and postgraduates have started to branch off to non-agricultural fields like IT, film production, advertising and management. Many of the students of the University have migrated to USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, and Australia and are occupying important positions.


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Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Kerala Agricultural University
Tavanur P.O
Malappuram District Kerala 679573