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Co-curricular activities

Ample opportunities are being provided to the students for co-curricular programmes through various student clubs and NSS. The arts club, sports club, woman’s forum, nature club, magazine club etc. are examples. These clubs promote the participation of the students in extra and co-curricular activities. An advisor from the faculty is nominated to guide and monitor these activities. The following are the functions and responsibilities:

  • Promoting sports and games among students
  • Promoting the extra-curricular activities such as arts, literary etc. connected with youth affairs
  • College Arts Festival and Sports and games festival
  • Preparation and presentation of students in the Inter collegiate Youth Festival and sports and games
  • Presentation of students in various State as well as National essay, elocution and other competitions through University.
  • Guidance for the various Students’ Union activities
  • Guidance in employment and career development
  • Guidance in competitive examinations.
  • Publication of College Magazine.

Students’ achievements in academic, co-curricular and other fields

Performance of the students of the College in the JRF/SRF examinations is commendable. A large number of our students get admission in IARI/IIT/ IIM and other prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Trainings by the faculty oriented towards preparing for the competitive examinations help the students very much in this achievement (Table 6.5). The College has an elected body of students called Students Union under which a number of student activity clubs are functioning. Every club has an advisor from among the faculty. Besides the following are the initiatives of the college in monitoring and encouraging the Co-curricular activities of the students

  • Organisation of College level and University level arts and sports festivals
  • Organisation of different clubs for the students – Arts Club, Planning Forum, Sports Club, Photography Club, Nature Club, Film Club, Computer Club and Quiz Club
  • Appointment of a Faculty member to advise students in the activities
  • Publication of College Magazines

Physical facilities like playgrounds, indoor stadia, gymnasiums, running tracts for athletics etc. are provided in the campus (Table 6.6). The indoor stadium in the campus has facilities for shuttle and gymnasium. Regular Inter-University matches are held here.

The hostels have separate reading rooms with television. Computers with Internet facilities, WiMAX and WiFi are also available in the hostels.


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